4 05 2011

you may have noticed that i haven’t posted in a few days. i don’t know what’s wrong with me, i just keep falling asleep.

if i were lindsay lohan right now, i would check into a rehab facility for exhaustion (except for the fact that i’m not actually addicted to cocaine and just using it as a cover story). anyone who knows me well knows that i don’t really care much for sleep and avoid doing it at all costs (i average about 4 hours a night in general). i don’t know if it’s the crazy SPRING FEVAH i’ve been rocking, or me just getting old… but i’ve been partaking in a scandalous 8+ hours a night for the last week.

i feel quite perky, but the blog is suffering. and for that, i apologize.

i really did start  a weekend pickthrough on sunday night about how i forget that every time i post something in the “cheap eats” category,  it gets posted on portland food map. and then all the local foodies flock here to tell me what an assmunch i am, and how i don’t know anything about food.  it even featured a picture of really big oranges

then on monday, i almost posted something about how i felt about the whole bin laden situation… but then i felt like this wasn’t the right place to do that.

anyway, here it is already wednesday, and i still have nothing to show for it except dewy rested skin.  not sure what the rest of this week will look like yet… i have a big burlesque performance on saturday that i’m totally unprepared for. and then of course i have to figure out something nice to do for my mom… so i can’t promise content-palooza or anything. that said, i’ll try to get it up for at least a post or two before the week is through. maybe. in my absence, perhaps you should ready every single archived installment of savage love… or at least just spend some quality time zoning out to the shiba cam.

weekend pickthrough- double maps edition.

22 01 2010


can’t sell it, swap it!

when my favorite local food blogger called it quits in 2009, i thought i would never love again… but then i found the portland food map!

everyone is talking about the frugal map! probably because it’s an awesome idea that we regretted not having first (cheers to you bargain brianna!).

mixology for your cornflakes.

apparently portland doesn’t give a shit about coupons (nationally speaking that is).

a very cool article about meaningful home decor– and it even gives maine a sweet shout out. thanks t magazine!

loving her commitment to healthy, and environmentally low impact eating and shopping!

although i’m also loving cakeballs! (thanks for the tip off coupon goddess)

i’m seriously considering paying $30 for this. (come on- it’s johnny depp AND aurora!)