um, not so much.

7 01 2010

one of the coolest things about ensconcing myself in the coupon world has been the presence of freebies. and whoever says they don’t love free stuff is a damn dirty liar. but anyway, over the last year i have scored a crapload of free crap in various ways. whether it was products that were free after coupons, products that came with rebates/extrabucks, or samples i received from vocalpoint (or other vocalpoint like websites), or just trolling the freebie websites, i had the opportunity to test drive a lot of products that i wouldn’t have otherwise given a second look had they not been free (or almost free in some cases). there were some absolute winners: kashi golean honey flax is now a breakfast staple, carmex moisture plus in the sexxxy lipstick tube is amazing, and me and clorox disenfecting wipes are now inseparable. however, there were of course some absolute losers. i present to you, the bunkest new products of 2009:

1. covergirl outlast lip stain: uh… hey guys at cover girl, this is a magic marker. not surprisingly, it also makes you look like you’ve colored in your lips with a magic marker. also, when you realize this, it is IMPOSSIBLY HARD TO REMOVE FROM YOUR FACE.

2. neosporin lip health: i was actually really enthusiastic about this product in theory, and then i tried it. instead of being just like neosporin in a lip-friendly tube, it’s some sort of runny white stuff that doesn’t sink in easily, and actually appears to make my lips peel MORE. please try again!

3. always infiniti: infinitely awful. sort of like trying to attach a surfboard to your underpants with scotch tape. unnecessarily huge, horribly uncomfortable, does not stick well to the underpants, and does not seem any better or different than any other bulky and uncomfortable pad (yay tampons!), just more expensive.

4. scope outlast: this isn’t entirely a complaint about the product (because it appears to be pretty much just scope), but the packaging. holy ridiculous batman! it’s like a giant genie bottle- and it’s too tall to fit into any of my cabinets, or the drawer beneath my sink. why does it have to be like that? does it think it’s better than the other mouthwash?

5. trop50. um, gross. and this is coming from a girl who waters down her orange juice. i liked the idea of a light lower calorie orange juice-like beverage, i was ready for it… but OH NO NO, i wasn’t ready for the vile chemical aftertaste that coated my tongue and throat and took a full afternoon to disappear. i don’t care if stevia is an all natural- it tastes like shit.

anyone else have any horrible product disappointments in 2009? do tell!