listen to the flamingo.

25 01 2010

he wants to give you something. apparently, by cashing in on the free grapefruit deal this weekend, i may have earned myself 2 free grapefruit spoons! woot! many thanks to fabulous reader jen (god knows how she even stumbled across this crazy ass deal in the first place), who pointed me in the right direction.

it looks like the florida grapefruit people have hired a web designer (a kind of funny girly one at that), and if you buy either a 3 lb. or greater bag of florida grapefruits OR a 54 oz. or greater container of 100% florida grapefruit juice (no cocktail!), you can mail in your receipt and get 2 pink plastic grapefruit spoons. after careful inspection, it appears that the grapefruits i picked up are from no discernible state (shawsabama?), but the ocean spray juice clearly says “florida” on the label propaganda- so im pretty sure that it applies. i generally wouldn’t bother to haul ass to the post office for something quite so trivial, but the following conditions apply:

1. i was feeling a little bummed out for getting sucked into such a mediocre deal ($5 for juice that i don’t generally buy -with no coupons!), and free spoons make it very slightly less mediocre.

2. i have a 3 lb. bag of grapefruits now, and no way to eat them. (think they’ll stay fresh for 6-8 weeks?)

3. i’m pretty sure that flamingo is giving me the sexy eye, and i think i might haveĀ  a chance with him if he sees how enthusiastic i am about florida grapefruits.