what have i done?

9 02 2010

so, i subscribe to a lot of coupon websites. one of the downsides of this is that i end up getting a lot of emails from “partner websites” of the sites i actually do subscribe to. flashback about 3 weeks ago. i get an email from some new website called “house party“.  basically, they’re offering the opportunity to throw a party to promote a participating product, and in return get free stuff. at least, enough free product to throw a party for 10 people. and possibly some party hats.

for some reason, this seemed appealing to me at the time (drunk?). plus, i figured that i’m no middle american housewife, what would they want with me? big mistake. i applied for the arnold sandwich thins “sandwich revolution” house party, and i got an email today confirming my worst fears. i’m in.

now i have to host some sort of sandwich party for no fewer than 10 guests, or the sandwich thins people will bring shame on my family (and will also perhaps come to my house and beat me with a pillowcase full of doorknobs). fuck. me. how the hell am i going to find 10 people who want to come eat some crappy sandwiches at my house on a saturday night?

my strategy- free booze and inviting everyone i know. if you’re in the portland area- seriously, you’re invited. february 27th. 8 pm.