cheap eats- peanut butter jelly time!

18 02 2010

no, not the dancin banana (although i love that guy too), i’m talking about the peanut butter & jelly stand that recently opened on the 2nd floor of the public market house. what, you didn’t realize that the public market even had a 2nd floor? yeah, you and 90% of the peninsula. i don’t know if it’s the lack of signage, or the fact that the stairway is way way way in the back and not nearly as well marked as it should be… but at what should have been a busy lunch hour- the place was pretty dead. very sad, because there’s lots of seating, delicious big-sky pizza, a bathroom!, and of course- the best PB&J i’ve had in ages.

one might scoff at paying $3-$4 (depending on how upscale your tastes are) for a peanut butter sandwich, but do you really want to go to whole foods and spend $78 dollars for a jar of almond butter- and then have to eat only almond butter sandwiches forever until it’s gone (or gone rancid)? the key here is variety. nut butters up the yaz from good ole skippy to custom blends. jellies (pomegranate! blueberry!) fluffs, nutella, and some other crazy crap that i cant remember. oh, and the bread! i got organic crunchy peanut butter and raspberry jelly on aroostook wheat. liberally applied, diagonally sliced, comfort food perfection. i got the sexy sandwich above, bottled water, and baked cheetos for a little over $5. apparently, if you’re extra snacky or want to share, you can even get 2 for $5.

randomly enough, they also serve breakfast, and have a liberally stocked cold cereal bar that’s open all day (half price refills).  haute cuisine, no, but delicious and affordable comfort food that doesn’t involve purchasing an entire loaf of bread or washing sticky peanut butter knives. we already lost one public market- so maybe this time you should shop the hell out of this place so it doesn’t go away.

on a related side note, i also picked up 2 sandwiches for a coworker and not only did he cut them diagonally and put them in zipper bags- he also put them in a paper bag and wrote my coworker’s name on it. service!