weekend pickthrough- random crap that made me smile edition.

5 02 2010

thanks in advance for enjoying this post.

of course the internet has an ugly sweater store.

a lesson in restaurant patronage– portland food coma style.

ok, now i’m hoping for a city-burying snow storm.

is buying a car with cash really a viable option for a girl like me? no, no it isn’t. on the upside, i don’t have 8 kids that i need to stuff into a ram van.

move over nana, these guys are already quilting the shit out of 2010. (richard caro, you’re the man)

looks like food and art are having a sexxxy weekend rendezvous.

and now we have a shark problem? fuck!

save your pennies! the restaurant week cast list has been released (and it’s lookin pretty hot).

just a gentle reminder, today is the first friday art walk. i’m going to go to see some pieces by this guy here. and some pieces by this guy here. any other recommendations?