weekend pickthrough- lube party edition!

11 10 2010

hello house party, we meet again. but this time, you brought a giant fucking box of vibrators and condoms with you- SWEET.  um, are those beer koozies emblazoned with the phrase “stick it in?”. delightful! yes, today is the day of my 2nd house party adventure, and i’m pretty psyched.

my first time out of the gate, i just picked whatever product, just feeling like it would be a miracle if i got picked. yeah, about that arnold sandwich thins…. this time, i got something that i actually wanted (free vibrator for the hostess yo! a googling shows a retail price of $50!), and something that i thought would make really fun party favors. 16 perfect little cloth baggies of condoms and lube plus a bunch of door prize worthy vibratey and lubey things. also, something just called “female arousal gel” that i’m pretty sure you smear on your crotch to help the magic along. whatever the case, it is a big ass box full of fun toys and what is sure to be a hilarious instructional video (i haven’t watched it- i want to be as surprised as the rest of my guests) that is sure to be even more instructional after a few mimosas.

full party rundown next week, but for now, some linky goodness;

if you were feeling guilty about requesting samples from the evil empire, target (a somewhat less evil empire if you forget that anti-gay campaign contribution thing) has just opened up their own sample factory.

this picture of glenn danzig carrying kitty litter cracks me up.

apparently law firms don’t have a sense of humor. i totally would have given this guy a job.

clue suspects throughout the years… why oh why didn’t doctor prussian make the cut in the US? on a related note, i totally want this bracelet.

some surprising things to consider before you sign up for that 3-way.

so, there’s a lot of uproar over the new gap logo. you can go over here and try to make your own… or you can take your existing logo and crap it up a la gap. the choice is yours! frankly, i think it’s a brilliant publicity stunt where they’ll get some schmuck to design them a new logo for free.

hey, the cakeface website just got a sexy new facelift. (spoiler- new cupcake flavors [chocolate cherry!] and streamlined ordering).