stuff this!

23 12 2009

domestic candy is for suckers.  sure reeses peanut butter cups, m&ms and hershey bars all taste good enough… but they’re so BORING. why burden your loved ones with the lameness that is american candy in their xmas stockings, when we can be celebrating other cultures with our fatness & diabetes. my personal faves:

the kinder egg: shockingly good chocolate for something that comes with a toy/choking hazard inside. find them at the k.horton specialty foods in the public market house.

the lion bar: most hilariously packaged candy bar ever. also delicious. also available in international section of your local shaws (with a bunch of other equally crazy foreign candy bars).

chocolate collon: and it sort of does look like little chunks of colon… delicious chunks of colon. last found at the weekend anime in westbrook (alongside the elusive and amazing everyburgers).

sakusaku panda cookies: my boyfriend only eats the sad ones. these are delicious AND hilarous- and frankly a little disturbing.  they are almost always in stock at one of my favorite congress street stores ever, the sun oriental market. (i also go there to load up on botan rice candy)

curly wurly: my personal favorite of the british candy bars, this is a twisted caramelly affair… not elaborate, just delicious. found easily at ireland’s crystal & crafts on congress st (along with some other awesome british cadbury goodness like flake and crunchie).

sponch: ok, technically this isn’t candy- but it’s called sponch, so i have to mention it. i’ve never actually eaten it because it contains gelatin, but um, did i mention that it was called sponch? some sort of marshmallowy cookie affair. apparently sponch also comes in grape. most recently spotted at the 7-11 on washington ave (across from the big apple that keeps getting robbed).

kvikk lunsj: screw you regular kit kat- the norwegians have a little bar called the kvikk lunsj that looks pretty much exactly the same. hold your own taste test by hitting simply scandinavian foods out on stevens ave (and pick up some salty licorice and cheese spread in a toothpaste tube while you’re at it).