suze says.

11 10 2009

suze-orman-show-booki love suze. she makes me feel terrible about myself- but that’s only because she’s telling the truth. when i need to remotivate myself to save or stop spending like crazy, i watch suze’s show and try imagine that she’s yelling at me. and the bitch is brassy as hell, so she’ll be yelling for sure at some poor jackass who wants to buy an olympic size swimming pool on $6.25/hour.

anyway, i ran into this article tonight on it’s pretty straight-up. admittedly, she always talks like everyone has a company that will match their 401k contributions (or that offers one at all)… or money to invest in stocks…. but still, she speaks the truth. and maybe if i can get past the first couple of steps and get out of debt, i will have money to invest in that IRA someday.  at least if i pay attention to suze, if i ever do have any money- i’ll know what to do with it.