say NO to the dress: why paying the rent should be a bigger priority than feeling like a princess.

11 03 2011

behold, the classic slut bride!anybody who follows me on twitter knows that i’ve been watching A LOT Of say yes to the dress (there are 78 episodes on netflix instant!). the thing is, it’s a TERRIBLE show. like the worst possible people that you can imagine whining, and crying, and hissy fitting all over the store until some poor frazzled family member agrees to spend $11,000 on a skin tight cacophony of beads, lace, tulle, crystals and bad taste (don’t even get me started on the whore-bride trend…). this dress will invariably made by a woman named pnina tornai. this woman must be stopped. but again, that’s a conversation for another day…

i can’t seem to stop myself from watching the show, but with each subsequent viewing, i become more and more furious.

as you will learn shortly, there are actually only 2 kinds of brides that shop at kleinfeld. they are both equally revolting.  Read the rest of this entry »

remember that time…

2 02 2010

…that we were trying (well, i was trying) to make a list of affordable & interesting places to shop for clothing on the internet? well, the list didn’t get very far, but i haven’t entirely given up the ship! today on twitter (thank’s savvychicsavings!) i spotted a tip regarding a pretty kick ass sale (starting at $4.99!) at a store called tulle. turns out they have a really nice modern preppy with creative edge thing going on that’s grown up without being dowdy (i’m talking to you lands’ end). i’m hardcore hearting this marigold yellow keyhole sweater. and for $23 bucks, it feels a little like stealing (not too much, just a little). just to recap, these are the current stores on our current must shop list:


fred flare





more suggestions please!!!