bring on the hooker shoes: a product review.

2 10 2011

so one of the various perks (or is it a curse) of being a blogger, is that sometimes i get asked to review things.  companies send me free shit in exchange for a review, and sometimes i actually even write one. like today!

usually, i product test things that are either edible (debatable in some cases), or that i can easily smear on my face/body during my morning routine. so when i got these dr. scholls for her high heel inserts (from my current favorite blog-swag provider, bzzagent), i wasn’t quite sure what to do.  i actually own a lot of high heels, so that wasn’t the problem. but tragically, i just don’t have many opportunities to actually wear them.  on account of the whole not driving thing, i tend to be perpetually in flats- except for the odd “special occasion” (which are pretty rare in my universe).

anyway, i was supposed to test these puppies out, but no high-heel bearing days presented themselves (stacey london would be so ashamed). so i did what any dedicated product tester would do- i decided to do my laundry in a pair of four inch hot pink patent peep toes that i hadn’t worn since my ill fated wedding back in 2007.  that’s right, i tottered around my bedroom & basement in hot pink heels and my laundry day sweatpants for 3 hours (i did allow short safety breaks when carrying large quantities of laundry down flights of stairs. like hell i’m gonna break both my legs for a pair of $12 insoles).

here is what i learned during my very scientific testing process. Read the rest of this entry »

upliv update.

14 01 2010

i thought that maybe on this giveaway-eve of my first real contest with a prize that people might want, a little update on my first giveaway- of the upliv stress management system that i thought was gross and gave to the first person who was willing to take it out of my apartment.

in comes christine! mother of 2-year old twins, she was definitely not lacking in the stress-requiring-management department. what did she think? well, for a while she was too busy with her extremely hectic life to bother with it (too stressed out to bother with stress management!) . but finally she has had a second to crack open the box, and here are her impressions:

“I have started using the Upliv products. I totally see what you mean about the overpowering scent. I have used the body wash and the body spray so far. I actually don’t find the spray too bad, but the body wash is so potent. But, hell, it was free, so I can stand it!”

not exactly the glowing endorsement i think johnson & johnson is probably looking for.  if they’re smart, i think that abandoning this sinking ship  now would be in their best interest. who wants to pay a premium for a crappy website and a bunch of overly-scented products?

p.s. tomorrow is your last day to make your guess!!!