16 10 2009

HOLY CRAP! MY SUBMISSION ENDED UP ON CAKEWRECKS!!!! that’s my traditional lobster happening at the bottom there (found it at a grocery store in jonesport while i was on vacation). if you’ve never been there before, cakewrecks is my very favorite website ever, and the only thing that makes me laugh out loud when i’m alone in my apartment.



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19 10 2009

I just wanted to let you know that YOUR blog makes me laugh! I am one of those stay at home moms but I like how you put what you think! Keep the posts going! Rooting for you to pay off some of that debt!

19 10 2009

thank you! you’re very sweet. and don’t get me wrong, i LOVE the mommies- sometimes i just feel like us single girls are a little left out of the coupon loop. i have big plans/hopes for debt destruction in 2010 (will be posting my evil master-plot soon), and your cheering definitely helps. take care! -a.

30 12 2009
looking back. « broke 207

[…] i got famous. […]

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