void in maine.

19 02 2010

wow, i’m an even crappier coupon lady than i had originally thought! thanks to tips from the much more together portland penny pincher and money saving maine-iac, apparently the the P&G coupon rebate is VOID IN MAINE. so much for me being rewarded for my laziness! i suppose that this is what i get for not knowing dick about rebates. apparently, the very sexy olay rebates are also void in maine. and after some hardcore googling, i realzied that most rebates are also void in maine. this is both totally NOT FAIR, and also very confusing.

what frustrates me the most is that there appears to be no information about WHY all of these rebates are void in maine, they just are. why are we being shunned? does anyone know? or am i going to have to write a sternly worded letter to olympia snowe?



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19 02 2010

your tags crack me up! I’ll sign the letter!

20 02 2010

It’s simple. It’s because you cahnt get theyah from heyah.

20 02 2010

perhaps there is something in the maine constitution that forces us to shun money that comes “from away?”. must research.

25 02 2010

“I’m sorry you’re disappointed about not being able to receive offers. The state of Maine recently passed a law that imposes restrictions on our ability to collect and use personal information such as your name and address from residents of your state. To comply with Maine law, the residents of Maine are ineligible to participate. If you have additional questions about this new law, we suggest you contact your state Representative/Senator in Augusta and reference LD 1183. Thank you again for your inquiry”

Just thought I’d share. It was nice of them to reply though.

26 02 2010

wow! that doesn’t make any sense at all. but thank you so much for attempting to find out. it’s still such a bummer. it might be time for us to establish an out of state post office box.

3 03 2010

Hmmm. Guess that explains why I didn’t get my Olay rebate for the eye depuffer thingy I sent for back in November. I’d like to find out who the dumbass is that thought up that law and send THEM a letter!

3 03 2010

it’s goddamn blasphemy really. or something. all i know is that i’m completely outraged. money saving maine-iac wrote to someone about it recently, and they sent her back some sort of incomprehensible bullshit answer about personal data collection. (she left the full response in the comments of the void in maine post). let’s go burn something down! (or at least write a stern letter of complaint- and i do mean STERN).

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