and the lord taketh away.

31 05 2010

the universe is a messed up place. this weekend initially seemed like an incredible thrift shopping sleepwalk through unbelievable deal after unbelievable deal. like all of my garage sale wishes were finally coming true. and then everything fell apart. in an expensive and heartbreaking way… but first, the dream:

score #1: the boyfriend and i were actually driving out of town to go flea marketing down route one when we stopped short (way short- about 4 blocks from our condo) at a small roadside garage sale. beckoning me from the street was a sunshine yellow solair chair. i have been lusting after one of these bitches for YEARS, and have on several occasions strongly considered stealing them from the poolsides of old orchard beach motels. upon closer examination- a little dirty, a couple of spider eggs, but in otherwise excellent shape. $10 price tag- SOLD. a super deal, even if i did have to carry it up the hill in 4″ platforms.

score #2: the ex husband (who i am mercifully still friends with) texted me early sunday morning to tell me that there was a hot looking garage sale happening on hampshire street next to the sketchy east end rite aid. um, this was no ordinary garage sale. this was a WARY FUCKING MEYERS garage sale. authors of the super-incredible interior design tome tossed & found, i’ve long felt fortunate to share a city with such awesomeness. and on sunday morning, i got to scavenge through that awesomeness with both hands. and by awesomeness, i mean the most gorgeous orange enamel electric fireplace (still working!) that i have ever seen. there was plenty of other cool stuff, but this was the only thing i could see. apparently the original price was $25, but i stood in front of it for long enough (trying to figure out where i would put it, how i would fit it in the car, and how i was going to convince the boyfriend bring this giant thing into our home), that they knocked it down to $10. $10!!! the universe was smiling upon me (save for the part where we had to disassemble the unit in the rite aid parking lot in order to get it in the car).

also rolled up in the best thrift store weekend ever, 2 strawberry patterned mugs, a wall hanging of 2 parakeets, a jeremy brett sherlock holmes feature length episode on DVD (still sealed), and a kathy martin book (juvenile nurse fiction from the 50s) that was missing from my collection.

but don’t forget that part about how much the universe loves to take me down a notch whenever things are going really well. while moving some furniture around to make room for the new toys, an old toy was inadvertently destroyed. a dear friend that i don’t see anymore gave it to me for my 30th birthday. and when i picked it up off the floor to put it back into its rightful place… the head toppled off and smashed into a thousand pieces on the floor. devastated. it had survived multiple moves and was one of my most prized possessions. i can and will replace it at some point (well, the next time that i have $175 rattling around in my budget), but it’s not really the same. 2 glasses of wine and an entire bowl of buttered popcorn later, i’m still bummed out.

like i said, the universe is a messed up place.



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1 06 2010

I am really sorry for your loss. =(
I’d feel the same way.

Is there a picture of the picuture of the parakeets?

1 06 2010

thanks. i’m feeling a little better today. i heard that you were in town yesterday! i’m sorry that i missed you 😦 will you be around at all this summer? we need to walk the bay and catch up. p.s. here’s the parakeets parakeets

1 06 2010
Kirsten Uhler

I just hate when something like that happens. Sorry to hear that. 😦 But it sounds like you scored big time on your new treasures! I’m in the process of trying to get rid of stuff so we can get out of our storage unit. What a dilemma… What to part with?

1 06 2010

yeah, i’m feeling less bummed out, and very enamored of my new things. although the boyfriend’s dad needs to rewire the fireplace before we can plug it in- or we risk burning down our condo. with my flea marketing addiction, i’m constantly trying to figure out what gets to go and what gets to stay. it’s a never ending process! my rule of thumb is that if i haven’t used it in 6 months- i probably don’t need it. also, if it doesn’t have a place in my immediate life (decorative, functional, or otherwise), then it gets shipped off to the goodwill. good luck, and happy sorting! consider it an archeological dig of your past life.

1 06 2010
The Coupon Goddess

It must be in the air. I had a love/hate yard sale experience that I blogged about this past weekend. Granted, I didn’t lose a priceless gift from a friend, but I’ve still not been right since. Win some, lose some.

1 06 2010

as one of the tragically kitchen-aidless populous, i almost peed my pants when i read about you spotting one at a garage sale. I half expected you to knock that guy down and take it, or at least try to sweet talk him out of it. i bet you could have done it too! i have a lot of faith in your charms! i’m definitely feeling less bad about my loss today. in general, it is my policy to try and remember that things are just things- breakable, transient things. although every now and then the universe likes to test me a little harder than i’m ready for… (and that is what wine is for).

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