i spy- dirt cheap underpants.

28 10 2009

photo-12i’m lazy (REAL LAZY), and i often buy new underpants instead of doing laundry. i also know that the more underpants i have, the longer i can go in betweens load of laundry. anyhow, old navy makes my favorite kind. also, they tend to run a little big, which makes me feel less fat. today i stopped into the old navy out by the maine mall, and lo and behold, 3 packs of underwear on sale for $6.49 each (usually $12), sitting under a big sign that says “additional 50% off at the register). time to load up. i bought nine pairs for $10.12 after tax-that’s just over $1.12 per pair. 70% percent off yo. there’s a bunch of colors in all the sizes. go! go! go!



2 responses

28 10 2009

so now you can go 2 weeks without washing clothes!! hahaha. Love it. But that could be a way to save money??!!

28 10 2009

i know, i’m gross! 🙂 i think i might be actually spending more money because when i finally do get around to doing laundry- i have a ton (and all the underpants just keep adding to it!).

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