weekend pickthrough- writing binge edition.

6 06 2011

i love that this hot construction worker is wearing business casual attire and FULL MAKE UP.

it’s been several weeks of minimal action, and i finally feel like i’m bobbing to the surface again. after a friday night writing date (as it turns out $.50 refills at starbucks are actually a thing) with my dear friend kate, something in my brain just sort of exploded (in a good way, not an aneurysm way). as if whatever was causing the clog finally gave way, and all the words just gushed right out.

i’ve actually had kind of a bummer weekend, but being able to write again makes me feel like the construction related traffic on the highway to normalcy might be starting to clear up. that said, while we’re waiting for the stop sign to swtich to slow… here are a couple of nice distracting links:

stunning cookie architecture.

some advice for artists that turns out to actually be pretty good for everyone.

why don’t i have $90!?

these are fucking fabulous. i wonder how hard it would be to make a knock off?

i wonder when we’re gonna get a state-side monster supply store? i need some things.

willard scott was the original ronald mcdonald (who not coincidentally is MADE OF NIGHTMARES).


indoor desert.

i totally hated bridesmaids. wanna fight about it?



3 responses

7 06 2011

If you join the Starbucks reward program, refills are free. You also get various levels and then customizations around it. It is not the best rewards program ever created but it has it’s perks.

12 06 2011

the guy at the starbucks reminds me of this whenever i go in for yet another black iced tea lemonade (i have a serious problem). i really aught to get on it!

8 06 2011

Oh I love the advice for artists!!!

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