rite aid rally.

30 09 2009

riteaidso there’s a new walgreens coming to town, and i’m kind of weirded out about it. i’m such an old lady- resistant to change. already the landscape of portland has changed so much over the last 5 years. i barely recognize my city anymore. that said, the bargain factor could certainly stand an upping these days. my beloved cvs has been a complete wasteland for the last few weeks. i have however, found some love with rite aid. they started putting these $5/$25 coupons all over the place (coupons.com, video values, signing up for email updates…). anyway, despite the fact that it’s the sketchiest, hobo-iest, crack-whoriest place in town (like junkies paying for their oxy with pennies, and 4 out of 5 people in line are already drunk at 10 am), i’ve been spending a lot of time there. my latest conquest:

tylenol 8-hour bogo- $5.99 + 2 $2/1 coupons- $1.99 for 2

suave shampoo @ $.99/ea. + $1/2 coupon- $.99 for 2

softsoap body wash @ 3.99 + $2/1 in-ad coupon & $1/1 coupon- $.99 for 1

oral b advantage toothbrush @ $2.69 + $1/1 coupon- $1.69 for 1

cottonelle freshmates @ $3.49 + $.50/1 coupon & bogo coupon- $2.99 for 2

$5/$25 coupon makes the total before tax= $3.65 + SCR of $2.69= $.96

*i need to fess up and be honest here. i accidentally bought the wrong toothbrush, and didn’t get the SCR deal, and actually ended up paying $2.99 for it. boo-urns. i blame it on the way-too-cute-to-be-working-at-the-sketchball-rite-aid boy who was restocking the dental aisle. so really honestly $4.94 before tax. still not bad. at least i get another $28 bucks to add to my gift of savings total. only $20 of pre-coupon spending away from my $20 gift card! i’ll feel less bad about botching the deal when i’m playing with their money.

*UPDATE* i went online to check my gift of savings balance ($78!), and found out that even though i bought the wrong toothbrush ($3.99 instead of $2.69), i still get the $2.69 SCR! that means my before tax total is $2.25. SOLID.



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