chastity belt.

10 07 2011

well, i made it through two weeks on $68, only to find myself in almost the exact same predicament again this month. will i ever live to float above the desperate line?  and i’m not desperate because i’m feeding my kids (or even my dog), or putting myself through school so i can stay off the pole. nope. i’m a victim of my own careless spending.

although i no longer spend money that’s not mine (credit cards), i do certainly rob myself of the pleasure of things like a reasonable savings account, or even just the comfort of being able to manage my money like a responsible adult (what, $7 isn’t enough for groceries?).

so last monday, i decided that i was going get my shit together and go on the “all cash system” that everyone financially responsible is always raving about. i  took $60 out of the ATM.

by tuesday night, i had gone out to eat 3 times and bought a new dress. i had burned through my cash and was using my card again. ALREADY.

this is exactly what happens to me when i go on a diet. by telling myself that i can’t have food that i want, i automatically end up eating 4 times more than i otherwise would… like somehow i think that by dieting, that means that i’m never going to eat anything good again. so i spaz out and eat everything.

it is clear that i am too stupid to overcome these impulse control problems with logic. thus, my only remaining option: BRUTE FORCE.

simply, i can’t spend money if i don’t have it. and this week, i’m giving up control. i have a small stash of bills (very small this week), and the debit card has been safely handed over to the boyfriend with strict instructions not to let me have it unless it’s an utter emergency.

like medical or family emergency, not amazing dress on sale emergency.

this can’t possibly not work. right?

any other crazy ideas out there for wrapping my hands a little more tightly around my financial situation? or am i hopelessly hopeless?




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11 07 2011

Something that helped for my husband and I is to open a certificate at our credit union (no fees unless you withdraw early). After getting paid and assessing what we needed to leave in checking for bills, necessities (food, transportation, etc.) and a modest splurge category (eating out, clothes, movies, etc.) we transferred the rest into the certificate. This will not work with a normal savings account because you can still access the money. The certificate will penalize you if you withdraw early. Of course if there were a true emergency and you needed the money you probably wouldn’t be crying over the $75 fee, but you would be crying over it if you withdrew for the purpose of growing your DVD collection or buying more clothes. When the CD matures (you pick the time limit), you’ll be amazed at how much cash you have been able to stash away without REALLY noticing it (I’d recommend using it to pay down credit card debt or adding to a retirement account). Just a thought. Hope you find something that works!

19 07 2011

that’s an awesome idea. i especially love the idea that the fee will keep you from using it to buy more dvds (a bad bad habit of mine), but isn’t so oppressive that you couldn’t access the money if you really needed it. perhaps in a month or two when i get my finances a little less beat up (right now, i have to keep borrowing from my savings to pay my bills), i’ll give it a try. i need to do SOMETHING, because this thing that i’m doing right now just isn’t working.

17 07 2011

I feel somewhat responsible….also my nickname is Brute Force

19 07 2011

oh brute, you didn’t take me to the second time around and force me to buy that expensive dress… nor did you pour the kenny chesney margarita down my throat later. i am the only responsible party!

9 08 2011
el cheapo

I always had real problems with trying to budget but knowing that I could use my debit card if I ran out of cash. I finally got a separate savings account at a credit union with no attached checking and no debit card. I go on Monday and take out my grocery and tiny amount of fun money and then again on Friday for my weekend boozin cash. It works pretty great because the bank is in town but just far enough out of the way so I really have to plan and think about getting there to take out money.

14 08 2011

that’s brilliant. what i’ve learned in the past few weeks is that i can’t really trust my boyfriend not to give in to me when i ask for my debit card (or to borrow money). it started out really well, but then everything fell to shit. making you bank be the strong one is pretty smart. i don’t know if i could live without a debit card… i am eternally impressed!

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