into the fold.

17 12 2009

show opens tonight, and i have to say that dress rehearsal wasn’t as grisly as i had imagined. i still can’t say that it is my proudest work, but i deem it acceptable for human consumption. (except for the mother ginger apparatus [which i didn’t make], which is a hot hot mess).  the good news is that there’s a lot of hot girls and boys getting mostly naked, AND they allow booze in the theater. and isn’t that the true meaning of xmas after all?

anyway, it’s done. last night was my last 2-hours of sleep night, hopefully for a while. now, onto my weekend catch up for bargain hunting:

1. i will re-organize my woefully out of date coupons and figure out which ones i need to use before the new year (morningstar tearpad !!) and which ones i can let go. so much left behind…

2. rite aid run! i will go to rite aid and try to work a deal that will get me closer to my $100 gift of savings goal. check me out.

3. cvs gave me a present! free chap block, or free hand cream. i like to think it’s their way of welcoming me back to the land of the living (and deal-seeking).

4. i will actually go grocery shopping. and plan meals, instead of just frozen pizzas and take-out.

5. i will go to my favorite thrift shop in sabattus and find some kick ass deals. nothing but a single nancy drew, but it was still nice to get out.

6. sleep. i will finally get some sleep. (2 12 hour night so far!)



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