weekend drugstore dash.

15 05 2010

i’m a chronic overscheduler. between the job and the blog and friends and other related and non-related nonsense, i don’t have a ton of free time for things like couponing. which is kind of ridiculous and stupid, because i write a blog about couponing, which probably means i’m not doing a very good job. but anyway, i finally managed to steal a pocket of time this week to filter the expired crap out of my coupon folder and see what i had going on that i might not want to waste (like i usually do- see copious incidences of me being a coupon asshole below). shit, is my rite aid allergy rewards check already expiring on the 15th? i feel like the last one they sent me stayed fresh for way longer. too bad there’s not really anything amazing worth blowing $20 on this week at rite aid, and of course i’m hitting the stores on SATURDAY after everything good has probably already been cleaned off the shelves… but i didn’t buy $75 worth of allergy medication just to throw my rebate away. and well, a girl has to make do:

28 count prilosec that i require for life (and also because i’m an asshole who missed the 42 count sale last week), $18.99 with $3/1 coupon from the most recent P&G insert, and $4 SCR= $11.99.

2 boxes of kotex U tampons (you know, the hipster tampons with the crazy colors and wacky commercials) for $7/2 with 2 $1/1 coupons (they’re everywhere these days, especially if you got any of the rampant free samples), and $3/SCR= $1 each. according to the lady behind the counter, stacking is no longer an option at rite aid. you get as many coupons as you have items. to prove said theory- 3rd rite aid video values coupon was rejected. boo-urns 😦

speaking of video values, i rarely actually pay attention to the commercials you have to watch, but was totally intrigued by the tresemme dry shampoo. as a girl who often oversleeps on work days and ends up poorly camouflaging her dirty hair in pony tails, this seems like a pretty interesting option. even if it can just take the edge off the dirt, it will still be an improvement. review forthcoming. tresemme products on sale for $3.29/1, and i used my $2/1 rite aid video values coupon= $1.29.

i needed a few more filler items to make sure i got my $20 worth, so i grabbed a nivea bodywash for $5.39 (again, i missed it when it was free last week- fuck me), and used that $4/1 coupon that everyone was so excited about= $1.39. i also grabbed a box of puffs plus for $.99, and used a $1/1 coupon that i got from vocalpoint (i also have 3 $.50/1 coupons i’m hoarding until they got on sale at shaw’s and i can get more freebies).

i’m too tired/lazy to do the math, but somehow i got $.80 back in change after the $20 gift certificate, and $5/$25 that i got for activating my wellness card. btw, you should totally get one of those. and don’t forget, i’ll also be getting $7 back in single check rebates. AND there was a sweet $1/1 NYC cosmetics tearpad that i pillaged. i did leave a few behind though, so if you’re in the sketchy east end rite aid area (follow the trail of empty high gravity beer cans), go and grab them!

as it turned out, cvs was having some incredible deals this week, and since i never go there anymore, they’re presently trying to win me back with $/$$ coupons. this week i got $3/$15, which is good- because it’s a no pressure kind of amount.

crest pro-health toothpaste for $3.50 with $3.50 back in extrabucks! i had one coupon for $1/1, but the limit was 2, so i went for it anyway= $1 moneymaker.

again with the hipster feminine hygiene! this time $4.99 for a box of neon pantiliners- with $4.99 back in extrabucks and a $1/1 coupon= $1 moneymaker.

right guard something or other with the number 5 on it was on sale for $2.69 each with $2 in extrabucks. the limit was 2, and i also had a $3/2 coupon from coupons.com, and ended up yet another $1.62 richer.

probably my most impressive find (since is wasn’t mentioned on the majority of the coupon blogs) was a use for my stash of $2/1 pantene coupons from vocalpoint. on sale for $6.97/2 (random!) with $3 back in extrabucks, i again made $.03 on the deal.

with the $3/$15 and $9.50 in extrabucks, i paid $5.75 oop, and got a whopping $19 back in ecbs, hot damn!

with the exception of 15 very unfortunate minutes spent dressing room wrestling with a cheap lauren conrad for kohls zipper that made me bleed in not one but 2 places (and almost required that i call for help to get me free from its clutches), these are the kind of days that help me remember why i started this crazy blog in the first place. paying retail (or paying at all) is for suckers. i made money buying things today and there isn’t a side eye in the world that could make me stop.



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16 05 2010

I opened the U-Kotex liner I got as a sample but I couldn’t bring myself to use it because it looked like a tiny Band Aid for my crotch. Sad.

17 05 2010

HA! they are totally weird looking. i immediately stuffed them in my purse for emergency use only. like that time i had to cobble a maxi pad together out of thong shaped pantiliners. adventure! regardless, i bought the beefier liners which seem fine. it’s only the ultrathins that are all crotch band-aid-y.

16 05 2010

Ummmm… since when is there no stacking? I assume you mean stacking RA coupons with MQ’S? Or do you mean, MQ, RA Q, and VV Q all at once? I know someone on the msg boards had called RA corporate about that a month or so ago and they confirmed that you can use all 3 coupons on one item so long as the coupon value does not exceed the cost of the item. Maybe she just didn’t want you to save money. Bastards.

17 05 2010

i don’t know! she told me that their new policy was one coupon per item. although i read somewhere else that the video values coupons now say “manufacturers coupon” instead of “valuable coupon”, so that they can prevent stacking. the rite aid in my town is really scary, and i try not to argue too much. either way, she tried to scan them all, and the register rejected one of my kotex coupons (i had two standard manufacturers & 1 video values). the cvs up here also won’t take coupons on clearance items. A LITTLE CONSISTENCY PLEASE!! but yeah, i probably give up too easily- but you might too if you had 5 tweakers standing behind you in line waiting to pay for their malt liquor.

17 05 2010

LOL I probably would have given up too, you’re right. On the boards a lot of people have been saying that they don’t want to take their coupons. The VV ones say manufacturer’s but it’s an “RC” (I think it’s RC) barcode. The in-ad ones are the same way. Since the barcode is like that that means it’s a RA coupon.

18 05 2010

i’ve heard that before! all i know is that the register rejected my VV coupon. i’ll be curious to see how it unfolds. let me know if you learn anything new!

19 05 2010

So much math…

19 05 2010

i have a spreadsheet! it makes it so that i don’t have to do the math, i just plug in the values. i am both totally lazy, and totally crappy and remedial math 🙂

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