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27 01 2011

it’s no secret that i love me some free stuff. now i’ve proclaimed my love for vocalpoint many a time… as i have long considered it the king of the product testing/free shit sites with their seductive full size samples and fistfuls of high value coupons. except that lately, vocalpoint has left me a little cold. i mean how many boxes of kashi cereal can one girl really eat? oh, and the bounce dryer bar was just about the stupidest invention EVER. but i suppose even like 100 lame lowes coupons are better than a completely barren landscape.  i had tried kraft first taste and pssst! but got a big fat delivery of BUNK. even myblogspark has forsaken me!

but a few months back, i saw a post on ilovetogossip regarding a service i had never heard about… bzzagent. basically it was the same old song and dance where they say they’ll send you free products, in exchange for tweeting that shit up, or writing about it on your blog.  but then, all they offered me for like months and month was a crappy free redbox rental. boo! but a couple of weeks ago… THEY FINALLY SENT ME SOMETHING THAT I WANTED!

last week my coupons & “press kit” for thomas’ bagel thins arrived in the mail. a $4/1 coupon, 5 $1/1 coupons, some educational materials, and of course, not 1 but 3 bagel shaped magnets. it’s no secret that i’m in a perpetual state of vaguely trying to lose weight. i also have a deep and unquenchable lust for bagels. thus, a free bag of 110 calorie diet bagels seemed like an awesome idea. and in many ways, it was. here are 5 things i learned about bagel thins from my recent quality time alone with them:

1. bagel thins don’t come in onion. which happens to be my favorite kind of bagel, bummer. white- meh, wheat-  double meh, cinnamon raisin- VILE!, everything- acceptable.

2. bagel thins are surprisingly large. well, in circumference at least they appear to be as large or larger than the average bagel. height-wise, not so much. they’re about as tall as toast.

3. bagel thins are only 110 calories each, which is great, if you don’t put any butter or cream cheese on them. too bad big dry bagels are no fun. also, the large surface area lends itself to a good 200-500 calories worth of condiment. more if you go the peanut butter AND nutella route (which you should, because it’s AMAZING).

4. bagel thins are only 110 calories each, which is great, if you only eat one of them. because they’re so flat, and thus not particularly filling, this is nearly impossible for me to do. also, they’re pretty tasty.  notice that they’re not really helping me with the diet thing.

5, bagel thins have 5 grams of fiber per serving, which is great, if you don’t accidentally eat 3 of them before you realize that. let’s just say i will not be making that mistake again.

overall, i would say that they were totally palatable- tasty even. however, they were totally ineffective as a diet aid- as mostly i just ate like 3 of them at a time with several inches of butter (consequences be damned!).  i will probably ride out my coupons (looks like i can get them for about $1.50 a pack, which is totally reasonable)… but i think it would be dangerous both for my colon and my muffin top if i kept up the love fest for any longer than that. at the end of the day, they really are just a bag of mediocre bagels. i’d be better off spending my $1.50 on one really awesome bialy at mr. bagel, and calling it a day.



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27 01 2011

Finally, an honest review of a product! I love your writing, love your blog. And I find myself in the same boat with you often. Carzy that we’ve never met (oh yeah, you live in Maine, and I live in Florida. Duh.)

29 01 2011

thanks gerry! they don’t demand a good review in exchange for the product, and i think it’s lame to pretend that you like something, just because you got it for free. i’ve never been to florida, but if you ever get up this way (def not anytime soon- it’s fucking snowocalypse up here), we should hang!

27 01 2011

They are a nice alternative to regular bread for a sandwich, though. Try some kind of salad, such as chicken or tuna.

29 01 2011

that’s a good call. i have a hard time setting limits with toast. plus, i bet the everything kind would be good with egg salad.

6 02 2011

mmmmmm, mr. bagel bialy! Put chive cream cheese on it (full fat) and there is a little taste of heaven!

9 02 2011

you are the one who first introduced me to the bialy! my relationship with bagels will never be the same.

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