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20 10 2009

coupon girlsEDITED

my friend jenna told me the other day that my blog header was ghetto. i was thinking bright and graphic, but i suppose ghetto is attention getting enough… i’m new to this blogging thing. i’ve been trying to figure out exactly how to make my place here, and assemble  something that people actually consider worth reading (so far it’s a very slow start). a big part of this is doing a lot of research, and trying to crack the code of blog success (FYI- googling “blog success” isn’t very helpful).  some things that i’ve learned:

1. there are a shit-ton of coupon blogs out there. a SHIT TON. i’ve noticed that most of them just post the deals, and not much else. the really good ones have a little banter and occasional full blown article on something they think is meaningful. am i talking too much?

2. i hate the word frugal. i don’t know why, but there’s something gross about it.

3. a good 70%+ of the coupon blogs out there have the words mom, mommy, mommies or mama(s) in the title. i know that this is a defining role, and a very important one, but is there anyone else out there? i worry a lot that my lack of mommy-ness (and unwillingness to post the latest huggies deal) will make me unreadable to the clipping masses. if i’m not a mommyblogger, then who the hell am i?

4. somebody is making an assload of money designing cute/sexy cartoon caricatures of moms holding shopping bags (or possibly money, coupons, babies, or any combination thereof). who is this guy, and does he need a freelancer? is this the first sign of blog legitimacy?

5. there’s a lot of christian clippers out there… i… just… can’t… coupons for jesus definitely isn’t for me. or home schooling… or extolling the virtues of being subordinate to the man of the house… or referring to my boyfriend as “the king”. i don’t know what it is about couponing that appeals to people living in a far more conservative dimension, but i can’t relate!

anyway… sorry for the rambling mess. i lost 2 of my 6 twitter followers today, and i don’t know what i’m doing wrong. i love the mommies i do, they taught me everything i know, but sometimes i just feel a little lost out here.



10 responses

20 10 2009

You are doing great! Sorry I don’t twitter, but I do check your site every day to get a great laugh! You tell us how it is. Even if we are mommies. I need a little grown up couponing too!

21 10 2009

thank you for making my day! i was positive that nobody was out there! 🙂 -a.

21 10 2009

I think you site is fine the way it is! I just recently found you, and, like Stephanie said, I do not Twitter either, but I appreciate your stories and you are brutally honest! Yes, I still like the deals too, but you don’t need a fancy logo to have followers!

22 10 2009

hopefully i’m not too brutal! and thank you for saying that i don’t need a fancy logo. i don’t think i’d make a very good cartoon girl anyway. your support means more than you know. thank you for making the new girl on the block feel very welcome! -a.

25 10 2009

ROFL!!!! I’m so glad I found your blog!!!

26 10 2009

thank you! i’m glad you found it too! 🙂

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