weekend pickthrough- extra litigious edition.

4 06 2010

i’ve already expressed my displeasure with the 3 day weekend. well, just to even things out a little, i would like to discuss my equal disdain for the 4 day week. 4 day weeks are a waste. schedules are thrown off, and nobody even really knows what day it is… but all are hyper aware of the unfairness that they are no longer on vacation. spaced out, phoning it in, like everyone in my life (including me) was stricken with a 4-day case of ADD.  needless to say, it was certainly not my most productive week ever.  the icing on this crazy short-week mental derailment cake is that someone actually threatened to sue me. of course it was a baseless accusation (and a whole lot of posturing), but disruptive and distracting (ok, and mildly amusing). but it pretty much took down what was left of this week with a stun gun and rendered it completely immobile. here are the few things i managed to filter out of this otherwise limp and unmanageable 4 days:

portland trash bags are getting more expensive (as if $7.50 for 10 trash bags wasn’t pricey enough!), load up now before they go up to $10.

pinkies out! the subtle etiquette of dumpster diving.

check your shaw’s flier! this week’s dollar doublers make this a kick ass week for crazy coupon ladies.

i might use “too many commas”, but at least i don’t use “unnecessary quotation marks“.

apparently, chunkys don’t hold up very well under extreme heat. the oven test determines the sturdiest beach candy.

bitch is lucky she didn’t get shanked.  don’t you EVEN get between a girl and her coupons.

yeah, i heart wood too. (in both the dirty and not dirty way)

i wonder what will happen to the bayside apartments if they blow out as student housing? love hotel? haunted house?

there’s a great deal on fiber one stuff at target this week. too bad it’ll make you wicked farty.

**UPDATE** according to the wonderous @jjdactyl over at gluten-free win, resistance is futile with the portland trash bag rate increase. apparently when the new bags come out, they’re just going to stop taking the old bags, and you’re just screwed. so ignore what i just said, and definitely don’t stock up! she recommends that we get a second recycling bin (ooh what about composting?!) to defray costs (both environmental and financial).



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5 06 2010

a note about trash bags- loading up is futile, they’re changing the color of the bags, and won’t take the old ones after the new ones come out. so. a better way to save money is to RECYCLE EVERYTHING. put it all in your bin. buy two bins. it’s easy!

7 06 2010

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! that is cruel & unusual. also, wasteful. although i actually think that $1 per bag is pretty reasonable for the privilege of having recycling that i don’t have to sort, and trash being removed from my life on a weekly basis. is it really street legal to get two bins? that might be a really good solution for me just in general. for some reason i make a lot of cardboard. anyhow, thanks for the intel!

9 06 2010

yes! it’s totally okay to get two bins. or use paper grocery bags for overflow. the city WANTS you to recycle! when in doubt, recycle it! if it can’t be processed, it’ll get trashed eventually, but it’s worth a try in the bin. that’s obviously not true of things like food scraps and fabric, but yes for weird plastics and takeout containers.

it is wasteful, that’s true. but i hope that a lot of portlanders are going to take the opportunity to learn where that money goes and how it’s being used, and also to maybe get some compost started.

10 06 2010

Wow. That sucks but good to know. Thanks for the update!

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