disappearing act.

15 09 2010

it’s not that i don’t love you , it’s just that i’m horribly horribly sick. since monday, i’ve been spending all my free time (that i should have been spending writing this blog including and especially the new “worth the trip” feature that i attempted to start last week) oozing mucous from my various orifices. oh, and drooling. my head is so congested right now that i can hear my own heartbeat in my right ear. i don’t know how it works, i just know that it’s gross and i feel like dying. anyway, i’m sorry. i hope to be semi-functional enough to write something tomorrow, but i make no promises. although if you’re really lucky, i’ll write something in a feverish delirium that will confuse and delight! or maybe i just lapse into a whisky and dayquil coma and you won’t hear from me for a couple of days. either way, i haven’t forgotten about you or this blog. i promise!

to entertain you while you’re waiting for me to break out of my snot cocoon, i have some exciting news for everyone! remember that time i had that ridiculous sandwich party? do you also remember how i vowed never to have another house party again? well, as it turns out, i’m a bit fat liar. sort of. i may never have a regular house part again, but come october 9th, i’ll be having a sexy 18+ house party! apparently durex is going to send me a big fat box of condoms and lube (and a vibrator for the hostess!), and we’re all going to get blitzed and watch a very serious video about BECOMING ORGASMIC. that’s all i know for now (do you really need to know more?), but details to come.



6 responses

15 09 2010

a) snot cocoon.
b) take note. i am early responding to your house party invitation that you didn’t actually post.

20 09 2010

you are so invited to my lube party. i love hilarious instructional videos about sex. should be AMAZING.

15 09 2010

I just hope you feel better!

15 09 2010

Feel better. Maybe you need to snuggle up to your pin cushion pig & eat some baby carrots?

16 09 2010

I can’t wait for the feverish, confusing/delightful post, but hope you feel better. P.S. ❤ your blog so much.

20 09 2010

as it turns out, i was too wrecked to even try to post last week. sucked so bad, but i’m starting to puff back up again. LOVING you blog BTW. they don’t make many that are vegetarian, but i’m coming to you first to beta test all my frozen lunches. i’m totally a desk diner. i have condiments and cutlery next to my post it notes!

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